Mr Kershaw
Head Teacher

Head Teacher’s Message

Welcome to Trinity School's website. I trust it will provide valuable insight into what we feel makes our school very special.

It is essential that are children are happy in school and ready to learn. Along with the quality education we provide, this enables our children to fulfil their potential in all aspects of their development.

We recognise that the years ahead in our school are precious to each child and family. Each child is an individual and is special to us. As a staff, we will strive to give the best possible education to our children. We follow the National Curriculum in all subjects. We emphasise the importance of reading and parents can obviously help a lot by reading with their children at home.

We encourage respect for one another, children and adults alike. We aim to give our children a happy, stimulating and purposeful working environment, with the expectation of the highest standard of work which each child is capable of achieving.

We look upon our school community as one big family and expect of our children a proper code of behaviour and conduct, based on the respect for one another, which is encouraged throughout the school.

We welcome parents into school at all times whether it is to discuss their child or to help in a voluntary capacity in one of the classes. Parents are warmly invited to join us for the various school events and activities, social events and money raising efforts which we organise. Details of all our activities are given in our weekly newsletter which we send home each Friday and can be found on the 'News' page of the website.

Finally, I would like to emphasise how much we value the support which we receive from our parents and families and how beneficial it is to the children if we work together, in partnership, to ensure that the years ahead at our school are both happy and rewarding for the children.

Mr. R. J. Kershaw