Welcome to our music curriculum page.                                                        We have been having lots of fun with music this year.


We have continued to use Charanga music during our weekly whole class music lessons.

But this year our vision at Trinity was to give children the opportunity to learn a range of different instruments and opportunities to perform.

In September year 4 began their weekly brass lessons and they have continued these throughout the year. We have been treated to many wonderful performances as we have seen them progress during the year.



 They even opened the school Christmas fair alongside Skelmersdale Brass Band.


During the Autumn term some children from year 1 and 2 took part in additional weekly music sessions.

During week 1, we composed our own music using materials, sweets and instruments. We explored the sounds we could make and improvised before composing our own piece of music to represent bonfire night.



The following week the children took part in a drumming workshop. We used the chairs from the hall and made up our own beats and rhythms. It was lots of fun.





As we got nearer to Christmas we learnt how to play Christmas songs on the glockenspiels. We had a look at reading basic music and holding notes for the correct count.



 At the start of Spring term the children in year 1 began their weekly Samba drumming workshops.




 The children will continue these lessons for the whole of spring term 1 and 2 .


In January,some children in year 5 began weekly guitar lessons.They will continue to develop their skills throughout the year.


This half term it was year 1, 3 and 5s turn to showcase their musical learning by performing in assembly. 

Year 1 started the week with a wonderful performance, where they showed off their improvisation skills using the drums, their singing voices and charanga. Well done year 1.


Later in the week year 5 performed a wonderful Samba assembly. They had been learning how to play , compose and perform samba music using traditional samba instruments and samba drums.  It was an amazing ,lively and fun performance. Super work year 5!


We finished the week with a performance from year 3 who taught us all about Reggae music. They performed 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley and composed their own improvisation of the song. Another great performance year 3.


After watching the wonderful assemblies this week, Reception got out the samba drums and we had our own drumming workshop in class. 


Just before Easter Year 1 finished their term of Samba drumming lessons. Our year 1 parents attended a parent and child workshop where they got chance to perform alongside their children. Year 1 then showcased the new skills they have learnt over the past term. It was a wonderful turn out and great fun was had by all. Thank you to all of the parents that attended and to year 1 for all your hard work.