Miss Nixon
Teacher: Miss Nixon


The Reception staff are Miss Nixon, Miss Powell and Mrs Appleton.

In Reception we follow the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, learning through purposeful play.

We teach through a very play based curriculum where all areas of learning are covered through play both indoors and outdoors. We are always busy learning together during continuous provision time and we have whole class times for Literacy, Maths and phonics as well as times to look at the topics which interest the children.

Topics are planned that follow the children’s interests, capture their imagination and develop their learning in the following areas:

* Communication and Language

* Literacy

* Physical Development

* Mathematics

* Understanding the world

* Expressive arts and design

The children engage in a range of activities that are based on first-hand experiences around these areas of learning which the children can access both inside and outside the classroom.

This week in Reception we were scientists. We explored changes to materials and made observations during a number of different experiments. We experimented making bubbling potions using some magic ingredients and made our own lava lamps. We investigated our classroom using magnets and made objects move across the board.  We discussed how we could melt the ice or freeze it again once it has melted and tried out the children's wonderful ideas.







It was a very exciting week in Reception as we celebrated Super Dog's birthday. The children planned a party and made lots of lists and invitations. We ordered the party food online from Asda and made Super Dog lots of presents and cards in the making area. On the day of his party we dressed up in party clothes and played lots of maths and phonics party games.





We continued our celebrations topic by celebrating Diwali. We made traditional indian sweets called coconut barfi and made lanterns. We learnt all about the story of Rama and Sita and made our own diva lamps using clay.We talked about Rangoli patterns and made our own using chalk and rice and decorated our own mendhi hand patterns. We listened to traditional Diwali celebration music and learnt a traditional dance.








 This week we started a mini topic on celebrations. We began by leaning all about Guy Fawkes and bonfire night. We listened to the story of the Gunpowder Plot and made our own Guy. We talked about the sounds fireworks made and used lots of exciting vocabulary in our writing. We used the musical instruments to make firework sounds and whistling lollipops,popping candy and bubble wrap to add sound effects to a piece of classical music "The Royal Fireworks".We made firework pictures using lots of different medias and at the end of the day we went outside and wrote our names in the air with real sparklers.




We have been learning all about the season of Autumn. We went on  a walk around the school grounds looking for signs of Autumn and collecting interesting objects. We took pictures of what we found using the Ipad. We made autumn jelly with all the wonderful objects and observed the changes. 



Today we explored the giant pumpkins. We cut them open and talked about what we could see.We used the pumpkin seeds to help us in maths and read the story Pumpkin Soup. We used this story to talk about sharing and helping each other. We tried to make pumpkin soup and discovered we had the wrong type of pumpkin!


We have been learning all about Andy Goldsworthy and used autumn objects to create our own transient art. Check out our wonderful work. What fabulous artists we have in Reception.

We had lots of fun in Reception during Autumn term, while also learning lots of new things and many important life skills. In September we enjoyed making lots of new friends and exploring our indoor and outdoor classroom.