Sunflower Nursery

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Mrs Varley                            Mrs Pownall

It is very important that our children get the best start to their education at Trinity School and we believe that our nursery class provides just that. We have a busy, fun and nurturing environment that is well equipped to be able to help the children develop a range of skills academically and socially.

The children have daily opportunities to play with a range of resources inside and outdoors. Adults also lead sessions where children focus on a particular area of learning.

Parents are involved in their child's learning by being encouraged to come into the classroom and see what activities are available. We talk to parents regularly about their child’s development and are available at the start and end of each session to answer any questions.

Teachers plan activities that are related to children's interests and an exciting and stimulating environment is provided with learning through play being central to all that we do.

Finally,  all children receive 15 hours of free nursery education, the term after they are three.  30 hours are available for those eligible. The sessions can be taken in the morning, the afternoon or they can combine sessions and stay all day.  Please call the school office for up-to-date information regarding nursery sessions and further payable sessions and lunchtimes.