Mr Marren
Teacher: Mr Marren

Year 1

Well, Year One is a very busy and exciting place to be! Inside Year One we have; Mr Marren, Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Bond and Miss Powell.

Year One follow the National Curriculum and focus on topics and build on previous knowledge gained from Reception. The children start to become more familiar with a formal classroom setting and will begin to work more independently from September.

Literacy- The children will explore a variety of books throughout the year. We look at fiction, non-fiction and also poetry. We also look at extending and broadening our vocabulary in lots of fun and different ways. We ask the parents to read with their child at least 3 times a week at home and we will continue to read in School with the child both independently and within guided read.

Phonics – Using Letter and Sounds, Year One will have Phonics on a daily basis and will cover a variety of sounds though out the year for both reading and spelling. This is the foundation of our Literacy and we encourage the children to apply phonics sounds in both reading and writing. By having a solid 20 minutes of fun games, writing practise and even getting outdoors how can we not love Phonics!

Mathematics- Using Maths No Problem is a fantastic resource for our children. We think and apply our number work on a daily basis. By guiding the children to use concrete objects, progressing to a pictorial representation and then mastering the abstract methods we always stride to promote a solid understanding of maths. Once more, fluency and number bonds are the foundation that we try to build our knowledge upon. Once we are confident with number and representation we use these fundamentals for problem solving and reasoning.

Science-  Over the Year we will be exploring different every day materials, Seasonal changes as well as identifying common wild and garden flowers .We will also look to explore animals including humans over the year. Our “ Little Scientists” love to explore and work practically thinking about our predictions and what we will find out doing our experiments.

This year we have a brand new Curriculum and we will be teaching based on the topics of:

The world I know

Way back when 


We will be teaching our subjects through these topics with a particular focus on History, Geography, Design and Technology, ICT and Art.

We will continue to look at Music through Charanga and P.E.will be delivered twice a week.


For more detail of the curriculum in Year 1, please click below.



Fun in the Sun!





Year One trip to the Sea Side

Year One had a fantastic day exploring the coast line of Southport. We enjoyed walking down the pier and walking across the beach front. We even got chance to explore Southport Bontanic garden in the morning to see the wonderful colours of the wild flowers and garden flowers. We even had time for an ice cream and a play on the park! What a fun day!


Science and creating

In Year One we have been learning about the parts of a flower in science and labelling the parts. However,  we decided to have some fun and create our own sunflower and as you can see the children really enjoyed it.






The Great Fire of London

 It has been a wonderful start to Spring half term and Year One have had a wonderful time learning all about the Great Fire of London! Having made our own sets of pudding lane, we decided to go back in time and pretend to see the fire happening in 1666. We then came back in and wrote all about what had happened during the fire. What a fun half term we have had!


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