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‘Letting our light shine as we live, love and learn, together with Jesus’


Hello Reception

Our Verse of the week - Forgiveness

Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.


Dear God

Thank you for all the boys and girls in Reception.

Thank you for their wonderful families working so hard with them.

Please keep everyone safe and bring us all back together soon.



Hi Reception

How are you all? I hope you have had the most wonderful weekend with your family. Below you will find all your home learning for this week. This week is Easter week at school so lots of our learning will be about Easter and why we celebrate it. In math’s we will be learning about 1 more and 1 less and in phonics we will be learning with Geraldine the Giraffe. There are lots of games to play this week, I hope you enjoy them. It has been lovely to see the fantastic pictures of you learning at home. Keep on sending them in and we can share them with your friends on our school twitter feed.

This week you have been set tasks to complete on Purple Mash. Unfortunately, there was a technical problem with our Reception logins, but you now all have new ones. These will be sent out by email. If you haven’t yet emailed me for a new login please do on When you log on to Purple Mash go to the 2do tab across the top and the work will be there.

I’m especially excited for you to complete Tuesdays work. Today we had a mysterious box left in the school hall. Luckily, we managed to find out where it came from by watching Mr Currie’s camera. Let me know your ideas of what is inside once you have watched the video. In even more exciting news, I get to speak to you all on the phone this week! I can’t wait to phone you all. This is when I will be ringing you this week.

Green pack- Tuesday between 1pm and 2pm

Yellow pack- Wednesday between 1pm and  2pm

Red pack- Thursday between 1pm and 2pm

If this isn’t convenient please let me know by email.

Have a wonderful week and keep on working hard but don’t forget to also have lots of fun with your family. Play games, go outside ,read stories, do some arts and crafts, paint pictures and just enjoying playing. As play really is the most important learning of all and spending time with your family is the most special time of all.

Speak to you all soon

Miss Nixon, Miss Powell , Mrs Bolton and Super Dog


Monday 30th March


Today I would like you to share this poem with your child. It is all about the world having a spring clean and is a child friendly explanation of what is going on in the world now.


Today our letter is i (down the insect’s body and a dot for his head) Please complete a line in your purple handwriting book.


In phonics today we are looking at Ch. Please watch this video of Geraldine the Giraffe.

Then write out the words chip, chin and chop.

Play select phase 3 and Ch.


We are looking at finding 1 more today. Please watch

Using your fingers can you find 1 more than 3,4,5 and 6.        

Religious Education

This week we will be learning about Easter. Please watch

Create (draw, paint, print or model using playdough) your own palm leaves, children could find leaves from outside to represent palm leaves and then retell Palm Sunday.

Conversation and Vocab skills

Would you rather live underwater or in outer space? Why?


Tuesday 31st March


Please watch the video at the bottom of the page. We had a special visitor who left a box in school for Reception.  

Watch the video and then please write a word or sentence about what you think is in the box. Remember how to write a sentence using the poster in the pack.


Today our letter is n (down Noddy ,up Noddy, over Noddy’s net) Please complete a line in your purple handwriting book.


Today we are looking at the digraph sh. Please watch the video

Write down the words shop, ship and fish.


Click on phase 3 and sh.


Please listen to the song

Then complete pages 4 and 7 from the numbers to 10 book.

Complete the Purple Mash activity in the 2do section. Finding 1 more.

Religious Education    

Please watch


Wednesday 1st April


Please go to and read the book and play the game.

Number 1 games and read Zac the Rat. Ask your child to read the book and then play it back to check.


Today our letter is m (down Maisey ,up Maisey, mountain mountain) Please complete a line in your purple handwriting book.


Today we are looking at the digraph th. Please watch the video


Click on phase 3 and th

Yellow and green packs-Tricky word book page 3

Red pack- CVC word book page 1.


Today we are learning about 1 less. Please remind your child that to find 1 less we take 1 away. Using objects in your house. Put 5 objects in front of you. Now find 1 less by taking 1 away. Repeat using 7 objects and finding 1 less then again with 4 objects and then 8 objects. You can use anything such as toys, pasta, tins, sweets etc.

Religious Education

Choose one of the activities below.

Find and then paint/ decorate stones.

Children could find twigs and sticks and with adult support create their own cross.

Children could use potatoes/apples to paint/print eggs to symbolise new life.


Thursday 2nd April


Page 2 of Suki Sequences.


Today our letter is d (around the dinosaurs bottom up his neck and down to his tail) Please complete a line in your purple handwriting book.


Today we are learning about ng.


Write ring, king and wing.

Yellow and green packs Play

Red pack play



On purple Mash please complete the 1 less activity in the 2do section.


Please choose 1 activity from the Easter Challenge sheet. 


Friday 3rd April


Please go to Please go to activity 1.Play the games and ask the children to read the story Peg the Hen.


Please write man, dad, tin and dim in your purple book.


In phonics we are learning our tricky words. Please watch

Yellow and green packs please complete page 4 in your tricky word book.

Red packs practise reading and writing no and go.


Please complete the design an Easter Egg task on purple mash.


Please choose 1 activity from the Easter Challenge sheet. 

Golden Time

Have an extra big play with your favourite toys after all your hard work this week!


If you want to learn even more ….

If you have finished this work, and would like a challenge you could log onto:

A great learning site for all subject areas but specifically computing (username and password needed- the children have these)

KS1 fantastic for online phonics games 

A great learning site for all subject areas and all ages

Access to hundreds of quality texts for all ages. 

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