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‘Letting our light shine as we live, love and learn, together with Jesus’

Sunflower Nursery 2019-20

Mrs Varley

Mrs Varley

Learning from Home


Hello Nursery!


Mrs Varley here this week! How did you get on with all of your home learning activities – we hope you found them lots of fun to do.  Your teachers are all missing you – have you got taller since the last time we saw you?!

I hope you are all being very good for your grown-ups and going to bed, even though it might be light outside! 

Please keep playing the games on EasyPeasy – they are brilliant.

Some of you might get a phone -call from one of your teachers this week – if you do, make sure you tell us how you have been helping your grown-ups.  You could even ask them to take a photograph of one of your activities which we could add to Twitter! (If you don’t hear from us this week, don’t worry - it will be the following week.)

Parents – if you have any queries at all, you can email the Nursery staff on:




Thank-you for each new day,

Please go before me to clear the way,

Thank-you for protecting me,

Thank-you for guiding me,

Thank-you for loving me,

In Jesus’ name,




Monday 30th March


Communication, Language and Literacy

Can you remember the ‘Spring Wind’ poem? Ask your grown-up to say it with you. Make your voice sound different as you say it – try to make it gruff and growly, or soft and gentle!


When the Spring wind blows in a gruff and growly way

It says ‘ Keep your mittens on – I’m blowing cold today!’

When the Spring wind blows in a soft and gentle way

It says ‘ Take your jumpers off – I’m blowing warm today!’


Mark Making

Ask your grown-up to put some shaving foam on a tray or a plate – use your magic finger to write your name. Use your fish to help you get the letters in the right order. (If your grown-up doesn’t have any shaving foam, perhaps you could use some sand or flour, with a little bit of glitter! You can keep this in a box to use again another day.)




Have a car race with your grown-up, or older brother  or sister – make a small ramp so that the cars will go fast, I’m sure you know how to do this!

Count down to start the race ……3-2-1 GO! 

If you are feeling really clever you could start the countdown from 5.  Perhaps you could pretend you are blasting off into outer space!


Understanding the World         

Have a look out of the window – what is the weather like today? Is the Spring wind blowing in a gruff and growly way, or was it soft and gentle?

Can you describe it to your grown-up? Try to think of as many different words to describe the weather – your grow-up will help.

If you can go outside, do you need to keep your mittens on or can you take your jumper off today? Draw a picture of the weather and what you did or were wearing, then put it in your scrapbook.



Other fantastic activities

Put on a show for your family. Sing along to some of your favourite Nursery Rhymes – don’t forget to do the actions! You could even make tickets for the audience – don’t’ forget your teddies!




Tuesday 31st March


Communication, Language and Literacy


Ask your grown-up to read this poem to you….can you hear which words sound nearly the same as each other, which words rhyme?

Maybe you can think of some more rhyming words.


The March Wind.

March wind is a jolly fellow,

He likes to joke and play.

He turns umbrellas inside out

And blows my hat away!


He calls the pussy willows

And whispers in each ear,

“Wake up you lazy seeds,

Don’t you know that Spring is here?!”


Do you remember when we saw the catkins on the pussy willow dome in school? Didn’t they feel soft and fluffy! Did you know they were a type of flower?


Mark making

Can you make your name out of playdough? Roll some playdough into a sausage shape, then use your fish to help form the letters in your name, or your grown-up could write them on a piece of paper for you. Try to make your playdough letter exactly the same shape as the ones on your fish. Perhaps you could even try making some other playdough letters which aren’t in your name.


If you don’t have any ready-made playdough, your grown-up can make some.



Play a ‘show-me’ game with your grown-up – hide your hands behind your back.

Show me ……….5, 3, 10 fingers. Count each finger to make sure you have the right number. Remember – the last number name you say tells you ‘how many’.


Understanding the World         

Why not be a smart scientist and create your own playdough? You will need to do this with your grown-up, but you can help with the measuring, pouring and mixing. Just watch what happens to the mixture as it gets warmer!


This is my tried and tested recipe, which will keep for a long time in a sealed container or bag.

1 cup plain flour

½ cup salt

1 cup water

1 spoonful oil

2 teaspoons cream of tartar (optional, but it makes it more stretchy and will last longer)

Optional – add food colouring, glitter , vanilla essence, lavender or a drop of fabric conditioner. Be creative!

•       Put the flour, salt and cream of tartar in a saucepan  or bowl (no heat at this stage).

•       Make a ‘well’ in the middle, add the water, oil and any colouring or scent gradually and stir with a wooden spoon. Mix it up so that it becomes a smooth paste.

•       Put the pan onto a low heat  (or into the microwave) and keep mixing!

•       It will gradually turn into a firm lump in the pan, but don’t be tempted to stop stirring too soon. Make sure you don’t let it burn on the bottom of the pan!

•       When it feels as though you are about to break the wooden spoon, it’s time to take the dough out !

•       Turn the dough out onto a floured board or worktop and get kneading! The longer you do this, the better and stretchier your playdough will be. It will be pretty hot, so it’s best to let a grown-up do this part.

•       Once it has cooled down your playdough will be ready for you to play with.

Mrs Hallsworth always makes hers in a microwave – I’ve never been able to do it that way, but I’m sure you will! Let me know how you get on.




Wednesday 1st April


Communication, Language and Literacy

Can you pretend to be Teacher and ‘read’ your teddy your favourite story?


Mark making

Write a shopping list for a tea-party for your toys. You could even make an invitation with your name on. Grown-ups are invited as well! You could make some playdough cakes to eat ( or maybe even some yummy real ones!). Make sure there are enough cakes for everyone at the party. How many will you need?



Our phoneme this week is ‘f’. Follow the link to learn the Jolly phonics song and action for this sound.


Understanding the World        

It’s the first day of a new month and Spring has sprung! April is famous for rain showers – do you think it will rain today? Maybe if it does you could go outside in your garden or a safe outside space , with your umbrella. Listen to the sound the raindrops make. What are the raindrops doing? I wonder where all the water goes?

Watch this clip from a famous Disney film  - I think the ducks  enjoy the April showers! Can you remember what a baby duck is called?


Watch ‘Come Outside – A Rainy Day’


Other  fantastic activities

Today is April Fool’s Day – can you tell your grown-ups a funny joke?



Thursday 2nd April


Communication, Language and Literacy

Share the ‘Owl Babies’ story. It is on Discovery Education  (Espresso) under Foundation / Communication and Language/ Story Time: Rat-a-Tat-Tat /Owl Babies / Books. If you have this book, why not share that as well. There are some follow-up activities online, try the baby animal SNAP!


Follow this link and log in to Discovery Education - Espresso.

User name is:    student19068

Password:         trinity


 Mark making

Can you practice writing a ‘f’  - you could use a pen, or write in flour, sand, playdough or even in the air or on the carpet with your magic finger.



Can you find 5 things which begin with a ‘f’ sound? Collect them and put them in a bag or a box. Practice saying their names and hearing the ‘f’ sound at the beginning.


Understanding the World

It is nearly Easter, do you know why we give each other Easter Eggs?

It is because they remind us that Jesus gave us all New Life. Follow this link for lots of Easter themed activities – make sure you search for Foundation / Easter. The ‘Saving Easter’ e-book is fun to share with your grown-up.





Friday 3rd April


Communication, Language and Literacy

Take a look at one of your story books – can you find a ‘f’ ?


Mark Making

Try to write your name using a different colour for each letter. Use your fish to help.

Put it in your scrapbook.



Can you teach your grown-up the ‘5 Little Ducks’ number rhyme? Make sure they are showing the right number of fingers as you count down, you might need to count them to check! Try to use different voices too. (Here’s a link to the rhyme if you can’t remember how it goes).




Other  fantastic activities

Follow this link and log in to Discovery Education.

User name is:    student19068

Password:         trinity

Go to ‘Foundation – Expressive Arts and Design – Everyday Sounds


Ca you make your own musical instrument?


If you want to learn even more ….

If you have finished this work, and would like a challenge you could log onto:

KS1 fantastic for online phonics games 

A great learning site for all subject areas and all ages

Access to hundreds of quality texts for all ages.

Great for times tables for years 4, 5 and 6.

Don’t forget to select the right year group!



Hello Nursery.

Good morning everyone, we hope that you had fun playing the games yesterday.  It’s Friday today and usually we have someone’s Special Day.  Ask your Mummy or Daddy why they think you are special.  We think all of you are special and we will look forward to seeing your lovely smiley faces again at nursery.

Friday 27th March

Activities for you to do at home today:

Kim’s Game

Find 4 or 5 things that begin with the phoneme ‘b’ (e.g banana, brush, brick, ball, book, belt) and put them on a tray or a table.  Ask your child to close their eyes whilst you take one away, make sure they don’t peep!

Tell them to open their eyes and see if they know which one you have taken away.  This game is good for helping to develop memory skills and phonics.  After a few goes let them hide one from you.

Funky Fingers

Roll some small pieces of paper up into a ball and see how far your child can flick it with their fingers.  You might need to show them how to flick it.  Challenge them to see if they can get it across a table, the floor or further than you!  This game will help them to develop the strength in their fingers which will help them to write.


The children really enjoy listening to stories and this is one their favourites.  It is from the Funnybones series, it is called The Pet Shop.

Enjoy your learning today and remember to do ‘good listening’ at home just like you do at nursery.

Good morning everyone, we hope that you have enjoyed doing some fun learning at home and have shown your family how clever you are. Today is going to be a day for showing them how good you are at counting.  Are you ready? 1,2,3 go.

Thursday 26th March

Mathematics activities for today.

Put three bowls over one, two and three small objects e.g coins or cotton wool balls etc. Quickly lift and replace the bowl and ask your child to say how many there are.  The challenge is for them to be able to do this without counting!

Swap the bowls around rapidly for one minute.  When you stop, can they point to the bowl with three?  Lift the bowl and say whether they were right.  Repeat for the other numbers.  The children like it if they get to swap the bowls around and see if you are right too!!

You and your child can sing along with one of our favourite counting songs, click on the link:

At Nursery we have been learning about the Numberblocks.  So far, we have looked at numbers 1,2 and 3.  Your child could draw a picture of these and stick them into their scrap book.

Wednesday 25th March


Look for letters/words in your house on labels and packets. You might be able to spot some of the letters from your name!  Choose a label or a packet which has print on in and stick it into your scrapbook.


Finger exercises are an excellent way of developing the strength your fingers need to become good at writing.  Join in with the video link.


Can you find a bag or a box and then find these things to go in it: Banana, belt, ball, blanket, brush, book, block or building brick.  Name them all so that it helps you to hear that they all begin with ‘b’ 

RHYME TIME-A Little Seed

The children have been learning some new rhymes with actions. They might be able to teach you or other family members the rhyme too!

Tuesday 24th March


Share one of your stories with a grown up            


Can you write your name? 


Listen to and learn the Jolly Phonics song and action for the phoneme ‘B’


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