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‘Letting our light shine as we live, love and learn, together with Jesus’

Year 1 2019-20

Hello Year One

Hello my little best friends, 
I hope that you had fun last week with the Jungle theme, I know I definitely did! We have had lots of different weather all in the space of 2 weeks. Some amazing sunshine and then lots of rain. How crazy, mind you, Arthur was not very impressed with the rain! 
As we have tip toed into July and we have a few weeks left as Year One I want you to keep trying your very best and keep working hard, I know you have been incredible so far so keep sending in your fantastic pieces of work, especially the Special Delivery tasks as they have been amazing to see.

This week is a great theme of Significant People all about people who have been important in our past.
If you need any help, please contact me using the email address:
and I will always try my very best to get back to you as soon as possible.
I will speak to you about my wonderful little dudes and dudettes.


Mr. Marren

Remember, you can also join Boris the robot for his daily broadcast


Our Christian Value Focus is Friendship



Heavenly Father

Thank you for your love each day

We feel it in our work and play

Lead us with your guiding light

To help each other do what's right



Your child should access this online learning on the days they are not in school


This Week's Theme


Monday 6th July
Mission 1
Benjamin Zephaniah is a famous poet from Birmingham. Your child can listen to his poem ‘Royal Tea’ here. What did your child like about the poem? What did they dislike about the poem? Can you write 2 simple sentences about this.


Mission 2
Practice working on our addition and continue to improve your fluency. Use the link: 


Mission 3
Our weekly visit with Douglas
Goodness models Christ’s actions of love, humility, and forgiveness. It shows integrity, honesty, and compassion towards others. It is only possible through God’s power at work in our heart.
Not only can we see God’s goodness displayed through the way He loves, guides, and cares for us, but we can also see it every day in creation. Creation reflects God—His nature, character, and goodness. Creation points us to the Creator. Our God.
Goodness on the Inside Banana
Object Lesson

Bananas, Pens or Sharpie Markers
1. Pass out a banana to each member of your family.
2. Instruct everyone to decorate the outside of their banana.

3. Once everyone is finished decorating, peel open the bananas.
4. Talk about how what we see on the outside appearance of a person doesn’t show us what is on the inside (in their heart). Only God
sees our hearts & only the Holy Spirit working inside of us can create goodness in our heart.
There is a verse in the bible that speaks on this, it says
“God does not see the same way people see. People look at the outside of a person, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16 verse 7
Listen to the song below and ask God to fill our hearts with goodness.

Tuesday 7th July
Mission 1
Watch this video clip about Queen Elizabeth and see what facts you can learn and remember.  Then complete the activity below it and sequence some key events.


Mission 2
Write down the days of the week on pieces of paper. Can you mix them up and ask the children to order them into the correct order. Can you say a day of the week and can they say what comes before and after that day.


Mission 3
A Seriously Significant Somebody- Who is important to your child? What makes them so important? 
Your child could draw or paint a portrait of their significant somebody using a photograph or digital image to support them. They may wish to write an information report about this person too!
This will be your ‘Special Delivery Task’ that you will need to email to me by Friday 10th July.  Just take a picture of your work and send it to  Once I have looked at it, I will send you a special delivery back to tell you what I like about it!


Wednesday 8th July
Mission 1 
Watch this clip all about Florence Nightingale and can you draw a picture and write down 5 adjectives to describe what kind of person she was.


Mission 2
Write the months of the year on pieces of paper and then turn them over and place them face down in the middle of the table. Turn a card over and then day the month that comes before and after it.


Mission 3
Queen Elizabeth the 1st has many wonderful dresses that she wore. She had to look fantastic with being the Queen of England. Why not create her a dress for a dinner party. Use this link to help you with some creative ideas.


Thursday 9th July
Mission 1 
Watch this video about Florence Nightingale and why she is considered a significant person.  Then can you complete the activity underneath the video. 


Mission 2
Using a clock in your house, practice telling the time throughout the day at o clock, half past and quarter past/quarter too.  Look at the time of key activities throughout the day.


Mission 3
How Important is Mary Seacole? - Mary Seacole was a Jamaican-born nurse who is remembered for helping soldiers during the Crimean War.
Once watched, why not ask your child to design an award for Mary Seacole. Your child could also locate Jamaica and Scotland on a world map.


Friday 10th July
Mission 1 
Using the link below, Set up an interview where your child can be the interviewer and you can be the famous person (choose from the list).Ask them to write down and read back to you some of the things you have said

Mission 2
Talk to you child about how long a minute is.  What can you do in 60 seconds?  Set some challenges and time your child doing them or get them to time you.  Can you stay quiet for 1 minute? How many jumps can you go in 60 seconds? Etc

Mission 3 
Time to Talk
What can we do if we are feeling worried or anxious about anything? Who could help us?
Children like routine and security and benefit from knowing who they can talk to. You can talk about different people in different settings that they might come into contact with so that they know that there is always somebody there. You could start a ‘Worry Box’ or a ‘Worry Jar’ where the children can write down any worries that they may have and you can talk about them and help to put their mind at ease 
Bedtime Task
Close your eyes and think of your happy place. What can you see? What can you feel? What can you hear? Go to sleep imagining that you are in your happy place! Sweet dreams!

PE Tasks for this week

Coach Challenge – Let’s see how you get on with your super powers and poses for this.
Also don’t forget PE with Joe Wickes each morning. 

Home Challenge
Don’t forget to do the ‘Home Challenge’, which can be found at the bottom of the page. During the time that school is closed, we are setting you a selection of random fun challenges to try and complete. Some will be easier than others and some will need you to be extra creative. When we are back at school, prizes will be awarded for any children who have managed to complete the HOME Challenge!’

Additional Activities to do at any time if you would like more challenge
Look at the list of significant people here and choose some to explore.  What are they famous for?  What did they do? When did they live?  Are they still alive now?
Can you make a fact file or a book about some of the famous people that you have chosen? 

If you were to be a King or Queen for a day what would you do? Come up with 5 things you would do or change if you were in charge of the country. 



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