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‘Letting our light shine as we live, love and learn, together with Jesus’

Year 2 2019-20

Hello Year Two

Well can you believe that it’s half term again!  I can’t believe it! I am not going to be setting you any work this week but I do want to set you a little project! It’s called the happiness project! It’s quite easy! You just have to try to have the best week and do things that make you happy! I am going to set you a few little nice tasks to get you started! Shall I tell you what I will be doing?  I am going to have lots of snuggles with my boys, go on lots of nice walks and dye my hair and paint my nails as those things make me happy! Oh and talk to my family and friends, oh and listen to music! See it’s easy isn’t it! I can’t wait to hear about what makes you happy!
As always, if you have any concerns, worries, questions or even if you just want to say hello then send me an email on: 

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Speak to you all soon, love from


Mrs Winstanley

Our Christian Value Focus is Friendship


Lord, we love you for lots of reasons.

Thank you for loving us first and for teaching us to be loving people.

Help us to show how much we love you by the way we love others.



Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May

The Happiness Project


Well singing and dancing always makes me smile and feel happy! I hope that my neighbours can’t see into my kitchen window as I am always having a boogie in the kitchen.  So I have found some really nice songs for you to dance along to. Have fun!   (Dance Monkey) (Trolls) (Old Town Road) (I like to Move it)


For the first part of this task I would like you to learn the words to this song :-) Then once you know all the words, I would like you to play the song whilst helping a grown up with a life skill task like making a meal, doing some gardening, tidying your bedroom, drying the dishes.  Helping grown-ups makes them happy so lets spread a little happiness to others whilst we can!

This has always been one if my favourite poems ‘Smiling is infectious’ by Spike Milligan. Listen to the poem and then the rest is simple..... this week your home work is to smile! Smile at your family, send a smiley selfie, smile at a stranger on your walk, smile at you neighbours! Let’s start a smileathon! Don’t forget to share your smiley selfies on our school twitter page or send them to me to share!



Mental Health and Wellbeing Activities 
This week we have some additional activities at the bottom of the page to help promote Mental Health and Well-being week. I would like you to try and have a go at these four tasks. Remember stay positive and try your best!

Mascot Presentation 
Can you create a mascot? Look at the PowerPoint link below to create your own mascot? Try painting or creating your own mascot and send a picture to West Lancashire's Schools Sports Partnership via Facebook.  Remember to put your name, your age and of course your school. 


Home Challenge
Don’t forget to do the ‘Home Challenge’, which can be found at the bottom of the page. During the time that school is closed, we are setting you a selection of random fun challenges to try and complete. Some will be easier than others and some will need you to be extra creative. When we are back at school, prizes will be awarded for any children who have managed to complete the HOME Challenge!’


PE Tasks for this week

Practice your kicking skills


Look at this fantastic lesson from Miss Murphy:


Forest Schools
Have fun with this mini beast treasure hunt.  See below for the resource card.


Outdoor Adventurous Activity
Have fun in this ‘Take Flight’ paper aeroplane challenge


Also don’t forget PE with Joe Wickes each morning.



Additional Activities to do at any time if you would like more challenge 
Design your own sensory trail to practice your co-ordination and fitness skills as well as have some fun!  Trust me you will love this activity! 
Listen to this fabulous song and then choose a habitat to draw and write about.  What lives in your habitat? What is it like? What is the weather like? What do animals need to have to live there? 

This week practice some well being activities like relaxing, listening to your favourite music, colouring, blowing bubbles, sewing or even baking.
Practice your times table with this super fun game.  Don’t forget to repeat this activity as it is so important to know your tables off by heart.






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