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‘Letting our light shine as we live, love and learn, together with Jesus’

Year 4 2019-20

Hello Year Four

Hi everyone!  Well this week, it has half term week so I’ll not be putting much work on – just a PE challenge, a life skill and one other activity for you to do.  I hope you have a lovely week and enjoy the activities. 

Don't forget to check in with Boris. 


Our Christian Value Focus is Friendship

Thank you for all the good things we have in our world.

Thank you for the nature – the plants and animals who are enjoying the clean air and empty roads during this difficult time for humans.

Thank you for people who have created technology which helps us to find out what is going on all over the world.

Help us to remember our friends and make time to speak to them.  

We ask this in YOUR name.


Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May



Painting, collage, print making – learn about the artist Henri Rousseau and try out these activities:



Using the microwave
With your parents help, use the microwave to either heat up or cook some food. Be very careful as microwaves can make foods VERY hot. Also make sure you do not put anything metal into the microwave. 
Have you ever wondered how microwaves work?
Check out these links if you are interested. Perhaps you could create a leaflet for others to learn about how microwaves work.





Mental Health and Wellbeing Activities 
This week we have some additional activities at the bottom of the page to help promote Mental Health and Well-being week. I would like you to try and have a go at these four tasks. Remember stay positive and try your best!

Mascot Presentation 
Can you create a mascot? Look at the PowerPoint link below to create your own mascot? Try painting or creating your own mascot and send a picture to West Lancashire's Schools Sports Partnership via Facebook.  Remember to put your name, your age and of course your school. 



The Home Challenge

Don’t forget to do the ‘Home Challenges’ which can be found at the bottom of the page. During the time that school is closed, we are setting you a selection of random challenges to try and complete. Some will be easier than others and some will need you to be extra creative. When we are back at school, prizes will be awarded for any children who have managed to complete the HOME Challenge!’ To find the Home Challenge, please click on the file below for more information.


PE Activities to do ay any time
Fundamental Movement Skill of the Week - Kick     
Kick Coaching Points    Click on the Resources Link Below
Kick Video 


Street dance lesson with Portia (Part 2): 


Born to Move with Jamie 

Outdoor Adventurous Activity 

Take Fight – Paper Plane

Forest School

Activities including a mini-beast hunt, and plenty of other activities go to:

Additional activities to do at any time if you would like more challenge!


Scroll down to find The Spanish Armada 


Continue to learn about light and colours:


Choose a set of lessons which you think you might like. There are 5 lessons in each set.

Files to Download

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