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‘Letting our light shine as we live, love and learn, together with Jesus’

Year 5 2019-20

Hello Year Five

I hope you had a great week last week and found all of the home learning and activities fun!
Hopefully you managed to do the life skills activities and are now professionals in everything that you did. I am sticking with some of the life skill activities this week but there are only a few and this is to give you the option to do some new (or some old) things if you would like something to do during your week off 
Don’t forget, the learning and the timetable on this page are only suggestions... just good ideas. Don’t worry if you don’t get through all of the learning – it’s not a checklist. Do what you can, when you can. We don’t mind. We just want you to stay safe and be happy… and remember, we are always here to help.
So as always, if you have any worries, questions or just want to talk then please send me an email on;

Stay safe and speak soon,

Mr Pearce

Don't forget to check in with Boris the robot and his daily broadcast 

Our Christian Value Focus is Friendship



Lord, we love you for lots of reasons.

Thank you for loving us first and for teaching us to be loving people.

Help us to show how much we love you by the way we love others.



Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May


Oak Academy

Below is a link for Oak Academy, which you have been using in your home learning over the last couple of weeks. Follow the link and have a good look around to see if there are any tasks that you would really like to do. Click on the ‘classroom’ tab to explore the website 


Life Skills
Below are the links from two websites you have visited before when you have either baked or planned your healthy meal. 
Have a good look at them and see if there is anything else that takes your fancy – perhaps this time you could change part of the recipe and explore some new flavours? Or maybe you could come up with your own brand new ideas and try making them from scratch. It’s up to you, just enjoy it

I have also left on last week’s PE activities so that if you didn’t get chance to complete them all then they are still there. If you did do all of them, then have a look at some other videos on Youtube that Joe Wicks has been providing and also see if you can search for and find some other things that the West Lancs coaches have been offering too.
Follow the link below for Joe Wicks 



Mental Health and Wellbeing Activities 
This week we have some additional activities at the bottom of the page to help promote Mental Health and Well-being week. I would like you to try and have a go at these four tasks. Remember stay positive and try your best!

Mascot Presentation 
Can you create a mascot? Look at the PowerPoint link below to create your own mascot? Try painting or creating your own mascot and send a picture to West Lancashire's Schools Sports Partnership via Facebook.  Remember to put your name, your age and of course your school. 



Below are a few other PE activities provided by the coaches from West Lancs who come in and visit us in school.

We also have the FMS video for this week which is a focus on kicking so please follow the link below to see that.

Below is also a brilliant link from the West Lancs coaches that is filled with lots and lots of other activities. These include;
Forest School activities
Net and wall games
An English ‘Scrabble Run’ game
Making a ‘fish parcel’ recipe-A ‘jumping bingo’ game
Please follow the link and ENJOY!


Home Challenge

Don’t forget to do the ‘Home Challenge’ which can be found at the bottom of the page. During the time that school is closed, we are setting you a selection of random challenges to try and complete. Some will be easier than others and some will need you to be extra creative. When we are back at school, prizes will be awarded for any children who have managed to complete the HOME Challenge!’


If you want to learn even more ….

Here are a number of activities that you will really enjoy and they will change week to week, from English and Maths to Science and Geography. They will challenge you and give you extra understanding of certain things you may not have looked at before;

Below is a lesson all about reflections, not something we have looked at yet this year so it may be a little tricky at first. Follow the link and watch the videos and I know you will be fantastic at it.


Below is a wonderful lesson all about rhythm. As you’ve seen from my dancing at the school disco, I don’t have any, but I know that most of you do.
Follow the link and watch the videos and see if you can find the pulses and rhythms in some different music styles.



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