The Trinity Curriculum

At Trinity Primary School we are committed to ensuring that our children are happy, stimulated and challenged so that they can make excellent progress and achieve the highest standards possible during their educational journey through our school. We are dedicated to nurturing resilient, lifelong learners with a ‘can do’ attitude equipped with the skills and aspirations required for them to thrive in the modern world. We will nurture their emotional and physical health and well-being through our carefully planned curriculum whilst enabling them to appreciate the culturally diverse world in which we live (as this is not reflected in the natural context of the school).  

All children will be taught by passionate, inspirational teachers with consistently high expectations for children of all abilities and varied starting points. Trinity is a school committed to ‘Learning without Limits’. This means we believe that there is more in everyone than we think. Labels for children can inadvertently limit our expectations of them but here at Trinity we believe every child is intelligent and extraordinary. We want all our children to leave our school with the knowledge and the skills they will need to lead a flourishing life; and to have the disposition to help others to do so too. Our enthusiastic teachers will plan a curriculum that is interesting, relevant, extends and enriches children’s knowledge and understanding of each subject, whist also developing subject specific and transferable skills. This will result in children making excellent progress within all subjects from their starting points. The way in which our curriculum is constructed facilitates progression through a cycle of basic, advancing and deeper understanding. Children will meet key age specific milestones along the way. Our aim is to equip pupils for life in modern Britain with a strong focus on ensuring that all of our pupils are equipped with a high standard of skills in English, Maths and communication. All learning will be driven by vocabulary development and access to real life experiences in order to bring learning alive and deepen knowledge and understanding by building on previous learning as the children progress through each class.

We provide a highly inclusive environment, and as children progress through the school they will develop high expectations of themselves in terms of their learning and their behaviour … they will be encouraged to be independent learners who can also work cooperatively with others. They will develop their knowledge and understanding of Christian values and how to use them to inform their daily attitudes and behaviours through being encouraged to think ‘What would Jesus do?’.  We will develop the children’s spiritual and emotional well-being with equal importance to the development of their educational knowledge and skills.  

Community involvement is an essential part of our curriculum as we celebrate local traditions, learning new skills to enable children to take an active role in events throughout the year whilst deepening their cultural capital.

Through high quality education and a strong Christian grounding, Trinity children will exemplify the mission statement ‘Letting our light shine as we live, love and learn, together with Jesus’.  Our children will leave Trinity knowing they belong to a tightly knit community where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners equipped with the essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens. Indeed, they will be fully educated in how to let their lights shine in a variety of different ways and contexts to ensure that they each fulfill their own potential in life.

The curriculum at Trinity Primary School has been designed to ensure that all children receive their curricular entitlement in a way which is both meaningful and accessible based on their:

  •  context

  •  stage of learning

  •  capabilities

  •  interests 

We have an agreed pedagogy for curriculum construction and design. Pedagogy is defined as: '...the act of teaching- together with its attendant discourse of educational theories, values, evidence and justifications.  It is what one needs to know, and the skills one needs to command, in order to make and justify the different kinds of decisions of which teaching is constituted’ Alexander (2004)

Our pedagogical approach is designed to enhance learning experiences for all pupils and ensure a degree of whole school consistency.  The chart below outlines the key features of this approach.

As part of our statement of intent we have outlined below examples of how the school will enrich the curriculum in order to give all pupils the opportunity to excel and reach their full potential in a number of areas based on our curriculum drivers of:

  • aspiration

  • positive health and well being

  • culture and diversity

During the 8 years pupils are at Trinity Primary School they can expect to experience the following:

  • The opportunity to celebrate their unique ability to let their lights shine in a variety of amazing ways in our whole school ‘Let Your light Shine’ assemblies where we will be celebrating our budding authors, amazing artists and outstanding role models amongst many other wonderful attributes.

  • The ability to shine as a confident and assertive decision makers and aspiring leaders, through our busy School Council,  active Eco Schools group,   thoughtful Ethos Group and through regular pupil perception surveys.

  •  The opportunity to be a sporting legend and represent our school in many spectacular sporting events showing off their legendary sporting finesse and ability to be a top team player!

  •  The chance to shine like a star in one of our famous school productions and nativities through sensational singing and amazing acting skills fit for the west end! 

  •  The opportunity to attend a wide range of extracurricular activities and events that just may be that spark for their future aspirations……. From construction club to future designer, from gardening club to future landscape gardener, from drama club to west end star!!!!

  •  The chance to get down with it and shine by learning to play a range of musical instruments.

  •  The opportunity to spread a little joy through being a member of one of our talented school choirs! 

  •  The opportunity to make a positive difference to their lives and the lives of others by being a super citizen and pro-active member of the local and wider community. Love in action at its best!

  • The chance to give the teachers a run for their money by using their own nurturing skills and ability to be a positive role model through opportunities to support the younger pupils by being a buddy and supporting them in their reading, playing and settling into school and becoming a true Trinity ambassador.

  • The opportunity to cycle their way to success through undertaking cycling proficiency and other sports-based skills such as scooting into the future in style with our scooting stars program!

  •  The chance to get stuck in and get their hands dirty  through practical, hands on, investigative activities,  getting their wellies on and growing delicious fresh fruit and vegetables,  aprons at the ready and get cooking or becoming the next apprentice through fine tuning their enterprise skills through cake sales and other fund raising events etc

  • The opportunity to step into the lives of others and experience a wide range of other cultures whether that be through theme days where tasty food is certainly on the menu or a visit to other places of worship, the children will learn about and celebrate the diverse world in which they live.

  •  The opportunity to put their love in action and take part in charity work to help others eg Pencot Valley School and experience the joy of giving and supporting others.

  • Socks on, bells at the ready as the children get the opportunity to perfect their country dancing skills, wow us with their maypole dancing or simple have a cracking time during our Easter activities of egg rolling and Easter bonnets.

Visits and Visitors

During their 8 years at Trinity Primary School each child can expect to access a number of different experiences, activities and visitors that will enrich their lives and expose them to the wider world whilst allowing them to develop aspirations and an appreciation of human creativity and achievement (cultural capital) These will be carefully planned by class teachers based on information gathered from pupils in each project (pupil voice) and will be detailed in class enrichment overviews.

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