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Hello and welcome to our Reception class page!

In Reception, we have a very busy and energetic learning environment that is full of excitement and fun!  We spend our days learning through play and accessing the fantastic provision that is on offer both inside and in our outside area.  Our amazing teachers plan exciting tasks each day to stimulate our little minds, help us to develop our communication skills, give us strong and funky fingers as well as helping us to have fun with our new friends.  We cover a range of topics in Reception including learning all about our wonderful bodies, our families, the exciting world of animals, healthy eating and fruit and vegetables as well as zooming off into the exciting world of transport.

In Reception, we love to read which is further enhanced by our daily phonics lessons which are full of fun and games to develop our all important blending and segmenting skills.   With our newly developing reading skills we love to read stories and explore rhymes and poems and become budding authors in the making.  We also work really hard to make our fingers very strong and ready for writing through fantastic funky fingers tasks. This gets our little fingers all ready for being able to write our letters! Indeed, we love mark making and can often be found practicing our writing skills with all sorts of mark making implements. Oh, did we mention that it can get a little messy in Reception!  What do you expect when learning is so much fun!

We also love developing into magical mathematicians too. Through play, exploration and using lots of fun equipment, we learn our numbers, how to count and even how to add and subtract. We also love to explore shapes and can often be found exploring our indoor and outdoor environment looking for numbers and shapes that our sneaky teachers have hidden. It’s funny how they think that they can trick us! We’re just too clever for them!  We also venture out of our reception environment to visit forest school where we go on bug hunts, make mud pies and jump in the leaves. Don’t worry, we always wear our wellies. In addition to this, we learn to be good citizens and friends by embedding our Christian values into all that we do whilst learning how to be a good friend.  After all, my new friends in Reception are going to be with me for the rest of my journey through Trinity School!

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