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Design Technology

At Trinity Primary School our aim is to inspire our future creators to take risks, become resourceful and innovative by using creativity and imagination to design and make high quality products for a wide range of users, developing an understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world.

Our Design and Technology curriculum allows our children to flourish as creators, designers and architects as we explore three key concepts:

1. Mastering practical skills,

2. Design, make, evaluate and improve,

3. Take inspiration from design through history.

Our children revisit all of these concepts in the three units they complete in every year group. This ensures that our knowledge and skills are fully embedded and can be used confidently.

Mastering Practical Skills

Children across all year groups will thrive as they learn a variety of skills that can be transferred into their lives and future careers! This includes working with food, construction of different materials, handling tools safely and even creating their own circuits to power motorised cars.

Design, Make, Evaluate and Improve

We believe that every unit of design and technology studied at Trinity Primary School should have a purposeful end product made to the highest standard. The children create imaginative mood boards, concise design diagrams and informative instructions to show their understanding of the products they will make.

Take inspiration from design throughout history

We love to explore pre-existing products that link to the ones we will create, especially trying foods before creating our own soups, cous-cous, dips, bread and much more! We study famous designers, architects and visionaries and investigate how their products and creations have affected our wider world, and how we could do this too. This also allows us to link our learning in design and technology to other subjects such as Geography and History.

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