Trinity Primary School

Votes for Schools

Trinity School is proud to be a part of the VotesforSchools initiative.


VotesforSchools is a weekly current affairs-based voting platform designed to engage children and young people in political and social issues. Through weekly discussion and voting, not only are children learning about the world around them, they are also becoming active citizens and preparing for participating in our democratic processes.

Here are some great ways to get involved with VotesforSchools:

  • At 4PM every Friday, our latest VoteTopic goes live! Check out our website (see below for details) to see what our voters will be debating in the coming school week.
  • Ask your children to give arguments for each side of the debate to encourage critical thinking – our weekly Parent Information Sheet can help you with this. If you’re not sure where to find it, please ask a member of staff at your school to share it with you.
  • When the new VoteTopic is available, the results of the previous topic will be too! Why not ask your child how they voted and why? Read up on any topics your children are discussing or have discussed to see what your take on it is.
  • Have a think of which topics you would like to see discussed at VotesforSchools (information on how to get in touch is below).

Get in touch or check us out on social media!