Trinity Primary School


At Trinity School, our Science coverage encompasses a range of practical applications and a chance for our children to explore and explain the world around them. We promote excitement and discovery with our Science teaching and ensure that children are engaged, have the drive to be curious and develop a love of the subject.

The purpose of our curriculum is to give the children at Trinity essential knowledge in order for them to understand how Science can be used to explain what is occurring, how things behave and to analyse causes. We also provide rich and inspiring experiences that our children will carry with them until they leave Trinity school and then on throughout the rest of their lives.

Children learn about and follow the workings of many ‘Science Greats’ in the World’s history through our curriculum coverage and gain invaluable experience of the scientific skills and concepts needed in order to be successful in Science; from Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking. Our children, having been immersed in such knowledge, develop a real sense of resilience and understand that Science is not necessarily about gaining accurate results first time round; they will be faced with challenges and have the drive to overcome them. Furthermore, we also encourage scientists to visit our school to do workshops for the children to further enrich the curriculum and bring the curriculum to life for our children. We ensure that all of our children experience a rich and fulfilling Science curriculum which provides them with immersive experiences and frequently take our children to experience science in the wider world first hand.

Our creative Science curriculum is broad and balanced and focuses on:

  • Working scientifically
  • Seasonal changes
  • Living things and their habitats
  • Animals including humans
  • Everyday materials
  • Plants
  • Earth and Space
  • Light, Sound and Electricity

We focus on revisiting all of these areas across all key stages to secure and deepen the children’s understanding. We believe that learning about Science in a range of contexts will be of great benefit to our children as it will allow them to make links across the curriculum and develop a contextual understanding of Science in the wider world.

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