Trinity Primary School

Disability access

Trinity has had many developments over the years including new classrooms and additional teaching areas.

We are an averaged sized school with eight classes (Nursery to Year 6); our intake number 30. The school site is on one ground level floor. 

Key characteristics:

  • School has three entrances for wheelchair users leading to all areas of school.
  • Doorways and entrances to the school are on one level and are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.
  • All areas in school are wheelchair accessible. 
  • A before and after-school club  is available for all pupils. Parents pay for the sessions attended.
  • Cars are parked directly on the car park in front of the school.
  • The school have two disabled toilets for wheelchair users and disabled people to use if required (children and adults).
  • The school's website front page is kept up-to-date with information in the 'DIARY' section and on the Facebook feed.
  • Electronic copies of the weekly newsletters are emailed to parents weekly and uploaded onto the school website.
  • Detailed termly class newsletters are emailed to parents and uploaded to the website.
  • Where and when required, paper copies of all letters are sent home with pupils.
  • All parents are invited to sign up to the free service 'Weduc' in order to receive texts from school.
  • Accessible online systems are also be used to pay for lunches, clubs and visits.
  • All relevant policies are uploaded to the school's website 
  • Furniture is modern and of a suitable height appropriate to the age group of children being taught in each classroom.
  • The school has a range of computing programmes for pupils with SEND. We have a mobile computer suite which caters for 30 children. We also have two class sets of iPads which are used by all children.
  • All classes have a ViewSonic Interactive screen (TV) installed. 
  • Classrooms are "child friendly" with resources labelled clearly.
  • Visual timetables are used in most classrooms.

Files to Download

Accessibility Plan