Trinity Primary School


At Trinity School, we understand that the technological world around us is making constant and rapid advances and we strive to prepare our children for the challenges of the wider world that they will face as they progress in education and beyond.

As a school, we aim to keep our equipment up-to-date and, where possible, give our children the opportunity to experience the forefront of technology. We also ensure that our children gain confidence with their Computing skills and are immersed in the use of varying technologies and resources in as many cross-curricular settings as possible. In addition, we are also aware that some Computing lessons must be taught explicitly, but we do so in ways that are engaging for all learners. Throughout the year, we learn about ‘Technological Greats’ to ensure the children not only understand how technology has advanced from the very first computer systems, but by also allowing them to appreciate how resilience and development over time has allowed the technological world to progress to where it is today. Through our curriculum, we want to inspire children to design, model and programme tomorrow’s technology.

With this inspirational use of technology, we ensure that our learners, and parents, are aware and educated of the potential risks and dangers associated with being ‘online’. This is something that is embedded into our teaching and we promote the safest possible use of all technologies that children will encounter both in school and at home. This ensures that our children are able to make informed choices whilst exploring the wider world.

We use Computing to motivate and inspire our pupils, raise the standards across all elements of the curriculum and deepen their understanding of the many fundamentals of current technology.

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