Trinity Primary School

Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 class page

Year 4 is a busy and exciting place to be that has lots of opportunities to learn in a fun, interactive way. We have talk partners and learning buddies to help and inspire each other as we progress in our learning journey. In Year 4, we work hard to learn our times tables up to 12 x 12 for the National Test. We play an online game called Times Tables Rock Stars which we can also use at home, challenge each other to a contest and even challenge the teacher!  Learning and having fun is what we are all about! In English, we learn how to answer challenging questions and look at how authors make their stories so interesting so that we can copy them and use them to inspire our own wonderful masterpieces! A particular favourite of ours is The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. In Science, we love making electrical circuits and fabulous light up greeting cards in DT.  Tasks like this help us to develop our skills of perseverance and resilience as we are encouraged and supported in facing challenges as they arise! Don’t worry, we always manage to get there in the end! Our teachers make sure of that!  Another highlight of Year 4 is our weekly brass lessons where we learn how to play our very own brass instrument! Some of them are nearly as big as we are! We work hard to develop our skills as we have the important role of playing a piece in our Christmas nativity. We adore history, especially those Rotten Romans! We also find out about our wonderful world in geography where we develop our mapping skills whilst also deepening our knowledge of the wonderful world around us. We enjoy healthy competition in PE and of course, getting down and dirty a few weeks of the year in Forest Schools sessions. Whatever the subject, we are always encouraged to let our lights shine brightly whilst being the best citizens that we can be.  

 Files to Download

Y4 Curriculum Overview.pdf