Trinity Primary School

Physical Education

At Trinity, we are very proud of our Physical Education (PE) curriculum and actively promote physical activity every day as we strive to keep our children active on a daily basis. 

Our PE lessons promote leadership skills, develop tactics and strategies and build on a solid foundation of fundamental movements and skills in each year group. We provide children with a wide range of extra-curricular sporting opportunities such as sports clubs and competitions as well as targeting personal best challenges during breaktimes. Extra-curricular activities are discussed and agreed by our amazing sports council and sports leaders (they meet and discuss on a weekly basis with a sports specialist).

At Trinity, our EYFS classes all have access to exciting continuous provision both indoors and outdoors in order to build on their Fundamentals Movements and Skills (FMS) and to provide opportunities to experience the joy of being active. We strategically develop indoor and outdoor opportunities for children to develop co-ordination, balance, team work as well as nurturing the development of gross and fine motor skills. We know that repeating and varying these opportunities help children to build on their strength, balance and hand-eye co-ordination, contributing to the development of FMS.

In Key Stage One we provide children with opportunities to develop and master FMS and then apply them in team games. In our lessons we discuss how tactics, communication and leadership skills can help us to become a competent competitor.

In Key Stage Two, we challenge our children further with FMS to ensure they continue to master these movements and then apply the movements and skills into team games, dance and gymnastics routines. We also believe that each child should be given the opportunity to compete in competition whether that is level 1 (in school) or level 2 competition (against others). It is important that all children develop leadership and communication skills as well as understanding of how important it is to keep an active lifestyle.

At Trinity, we provide children with a sports specialist for at least one lesson per week and the class teacher leads the other teaching session.

Furthermore, at Trinity we provide:

  • FMS sessions (children complete interventions to improve FMS)
  • Mini Wheelers
  • Sports leaders/council meetings
  • Playground leadership Training
  • SEND festivals

As well as this, we have a wonderful forest school area for OAA and Forest School Education. Trinity has two fully qualified Forest School Teachers. 

In addition to this, we ensure that children are given opportunities to swim and access water safety lessons at our local swimming pool in Year 3 and Year 5.  

We pride ourselves on providing a fully inclusive PE curriculum for all, ensuring that all pupils experience the joy as well as the physical and mental benefits of leading an active lifestyle during their time at Trinity School.

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