Trinity Primary School

Class size, clothing, trays and pegs, toys and funding


Class Size

The maximum number of children in the sunflower room (3 - 4 year olds) is 24.  The ratio of adults to children is a minimum of 1:13.

The maximum number of children in the seedlings room (2 - 3 year olds) is 16.  The ratio of adults to children is a minimum of 1:5.


School jumpers/cardigans are available to purchase from the school office.  The children go outside every day so they need to bring a suitable outdoor coat with a hood.  It is helpful to your child if they wear shoes that are easy to take on and off.  We have wellington boots available for when the children need them.  Please ensure that all clothing worn or brought into nursery/school is named!  Please provide at least 2 pairs of socks/underwear for your child and put them in their drawer.  Please dress your child in clothes which are easy for them to manage independently e.g. jogging pants are easier than school trousers, velcro shoes not laces, socks are easier than tights.

Drawers and Pegs

Every child will have a peg and a drawer  to store their personal things.  Your child’s peg and drawer have a picture and their name on them, please help your child to become familiar with this so that they know where to put their belongings.


If your child needs to bring in a toy or object from home as a comfort, please ensure that it is named. If it is especially valuable or breakable please speak to a member of staff before leaving it in the setting. If possible please encourage your child to leave their own toys at home.


We have a snack every day and provide a selection of fruit, crackers, breadsticks, cereal, yoghurt, milk or water.  We charge £1.50 per week for the snack which covers the cost of the food and is used to purchase baking ingredients etc.