Trinity Primary School

On your child's first day...

We stagger entry dates so that we are able to spend time with you and your child.  We ask all parents to make arrangements to stay with their child for the first visit. 

We will discuss with you further induction sessions depending on how your child has settled. Each child is treated individually as different children need different levels of support as they become used to attending our setting. It is our aim to have children attending for full sessions when they feel happy and confident.  During the first visit we collect emergency contact details so please bring those with you.  

Daily Timetable:

  • Morning Session: 8.45 am - 11.45 am (we have a coming in time from 8.45 am - 9.00am to allow you to take any older siblings to their class first).
  • Lunch: 11.45 am - 12.15 pm
  • Afternoon Session: 12.15 pm - 3.15 pm

If you are going to be late collecting your child or someone different will be collecting them, please phone the school office or let a member of nursery staff know.